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Islamic Studies Grades K-1 Updates

Sunday School Islamic Studies Homework 


September 19 - Week 2 Update

Got to know 2 new students. We watched a song that everyone and everything loves Allah. We continued working on looking at things/favors that Allah has created for us, We learned Alhamdulillah and Bismillah. They will continue to Be kind and helpful and think of more favors for Allah


September 29 - Week 3 Updates

Students shared all the things they did to be more kind and what they are thankful for. Some had a written list to share (mashaAllah). We added water to the basics, air, light, etc. We explored HOW we can show our thankfulness (gratitude) to Allah.


We continued working on HOW we can put Allah as #1 in our lives. They had practiced saying Bismillah last week. This week we learned Alhamdulillah and said it 10 times together. They will continue to do it 10 times a day for the whole week. One parent made a checklist and gave a sticker for today already!


A song to help them remember:

(2) Islamic Songs For Kids | Alhamdulillah | Omar & Hana - YouTube


October 11 - Week 4 Update

We continued to discuss the concept of Allah and belief in Oneness. Today we went over the meaning of la illaha.. They offered their own understanding of what No God but Allah means and what a messenger is. They learned that Qur'an is the message and it is the direct words of Allah SWT meant for everyone.


This week they'll do la illaha..10 times a day and think of the meaning in their mind while saying it. As for the "be like Mohammed" theme, they'll practice truthfulness.


October 27 - Week 5 Update

Followed up on the la illah ill Allah – the meaning of Oneness and exclusivity. Today we discussed Mohammad ur Rasool Allah – Qur’an as the “message” and why we call him SAW the messenger. We talked about HOW the message reached the Prophet – Angel Jibreel or Gabriel and his AS status. We did story time of the first revelation. Then discussed why the Prophet SAW couldn’t read, the miracle of the Qur’an being sent/revealed directly in his heart….and the oral tradition that was followed to teach the people of that time and still till today. They learned how old he SAW was when he received the first revelation, and how many years it took to receive the entire Qur’an. We played a quiz game with teams on these facts. They also learned the Prophet’s status and to say Sallallahu elayhi Wassalam, its meaning, and importance. They are to repeat it 10 times every day during the week. We also discussed what qualities Khadijah RA reminded the Prophet of following the first revelation…be kind, honest, etc. This week they will practice “caring for family” this does not only include chores, it also includes sitting by an older adult, holding hands with siblings, or hugging a parent.

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