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Islamic Studies Grades 6-7 Update

Sunday School Islamic Studies Homework 


December 14th  Update


Continued the discussion on the names of Allah and the importance of understanding their meanings so that we can develop deeper relationships with Allah. Students have homework to pick a new name for Allah and research its meaning and how it relates to their relationship with Allah. 


Also started a discussion about children's relationship with parents and Islamic teachings related to the rights of parents

October 11 - Week 4 Update

This week we continued the discussion about the communities that we are part of. We also took inventory of the negative characters we want to improve upon.


Today we looked at the meaning of the word Muslim which means the one that submits to Allah. Also, we watched a video on Prophet Muhammad’s first wife Khadija RA.


Homework is to continue looking at the characters that others appreciate in us and the ones that others find hurtful.

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