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Islamic Studies Grades 2-3 Update

Sunday School Islamic Studies Homework 

September 19 - Week 2 Update

We had 4 new students to introduce and get to know, We worked on Allah's Love for us and how we can thank Allah, We made a 5-point star to depict the 5 pillars. So far we worked on Allah's Oneness and salah.

We watched a short video on how to start salah

They will practice it during the week


September 29 - Week 3 Updates

We built on the behaviors from last week of being kind. This week they will be more helpful. Each will try to keep track of what things they are doing to be more helpful. Some students had a written list to share (so amazing!).


(2) Bismillah - Dawud Wharnsby - YouTube


We learned the second basic thing about being a Muslim and showing Allah that we are thankful ONLY to Allah is Salah. Last week we covered believing in ONLY ONE Allah and nothing else. They learned to make Takbir, then fold their hands and say Allahamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. They learned the meaning of the phrase and are assigned to say it 10 times a day for the week.


I used this link for salah steps, but don't care for it in its entirety. We only covered the surah Al-Fatihah. Parents can use this or any other link for them to learn


(3) Learn How To Pray with Rami – Learn Salah for Kids - YouTube




October 11 - Week 4 Update


They are understanding the meaning of the Fatiha. Today we learned Maliki yomiddeen. We learned what Malik is and The Day of Judgment. They came up with examples of good and bad concepts of judgment. They understood that we are only responsible for what we know. Also talked about Qur'an as the "word" and personal choice to follow it. and They are to say write down the meaning and say the ayah 10 times a day.


We watched a video on the creation of Adam AS and him being the first human. We also learned about Ibees and his defiance.


As for "being like Mohammed" they too will practice truthfulness and keep track of their responses.


Jazak Allah khairun for this wonderful opportunity!


October 27 - Week 5 Update

We continued with ayah #4 of the Fatiha…e’yaka na’budu wa e’yaka nasta’een. They offered their own understanding of “worship” and learned the ways we worship Allah. They were curious if we can ask others for help…We discussed the concept of “asking for help” and how Allah “helps” us through other people. I mentioned that there is a special type of help we ask Allah for, and we’ll discuss it next week.

They are to repeat the ayah 10 times every day and learn the meaning.

We followed up on the story of Adam AS (or “the Adam guy” as some recalled). The promise of Iblees and his fellow Shayateen, and how humans, like jinn, have free will to follow Allah’s instructions or Shaytan’s suggestions. Today we watched a video on the story of Nuh AS – again solidifying the concept of free will and making choices, i.e. his son choosing not to board the Ark, etc. We also talked about how this month is the month of the Prophet, and it is not so much in social celebration, but to celebrate his SAW life as a role model. Continuing “be like Mohammed SAW” they are to “care for family”.

Again, thank you for the opportunity. I love the kids!