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For a complete scope and sequence for Islamic Studies by grade, please click here,  remote.

The purpose of the Teen Islamic Studies curriculum is to offer student-centered classes that are discussion-based to help students acquire knowledge that is both relevant to building their identity and understanding of being a Muslim in America, as well as to supplement what they are learning in high school. Our Teen curriculum follows a 3-year rotation from 8th to 10th grade. Each year, we offer a different class, so regardless of when students enter the teen program, they will be able to cover all 3 classes.


The sequence is as follows:

Islamic History

Year 1 - Understanding the Quran, Putting Faith into Action

Year 2 - Islamic History After the Prophet’s Death

Year 3 - Islam in America


Islamic Literacy

Year 1 - Ethical Dilemmas of the Prophets

Year 2 - People, Ethics, and Ideas

Year 3 - Loving Mohammed Through his Companions

Students enrolled in the Mohammed Webb Sunday Youth Program will learn from adults, youth, and each other the basics of our faith and how we can integrate it with compassionate action in the model of our prophets and elders. 


The program will be a combination of classes and service projects held on Sundays for grades KG – High School. Classes and service projects will be separated by the following age groups:

KG-1st grade

2nd-3rd grades

4th-5th grades

6th-7th grades

Teens/Grades 8-10.  


Our Islamic Studies curriculum for KG-7th is based on modern teaching methods developed by Wiggins and McTighe of Understanding by Design. This philosophy adheres to the backward design of unit planning, working from the end in mind to where we want to see our students after they complete our program. Our lessons have been designed thematically.


A complete scope and sequence for Islamic History and Islamic Literacy can be found here.

Service-Oriented Goals


Students of all grades will focus on putting their faith into action and work on community service projects for the betterment of our community in America and abroad. Service dates will be held in-house with tentative field trips planned. Students will build relationships based on respect and service with our greater American and Muslim communities. For the past couple of years, the Junior High students have participated in the Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up Program on Butterfield Road. The Teen program incorporates 1-2 service projects each year, as well as other group activities outside of class time, such as attending other Islamic events in the city.

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